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Restorative Dentistry – Restore & Protect Your Smile for Life!

Restorative dentistry includes precision-crafted dental crowns and dental bridges to protect and strengthen a chipped tooth, cracked tooth, broken tooth and missing teeth and restore the beauty and health of your smile.

Did you know that the condition of your smile can impact whole-body health? A mouth free from disease and tooth decay contributes to a good quality of life and lessens the risk of developing serious health issues including:

  • heart disease
  • lung problems
  • diabetes complications
  • and more

Plus, studies show that people with a full set of teeth live longer than folks with missing teeth. As far as we’re concerned, these are excellent reasons to maintain a healthy, complete smile!

Many ways to restore your appearance & proper function

At Grout Family Dentistry, Dr. Ronald Grout and Dr. Jeffrey Grout offer comprehensive restorative dentistry to repair damaged smiles. Tooth-colored fillings and all-porcelain crowns look completely natural and revitalize compromised teeth. Incomplete smiles experience renewed glory with custom-made replacement teeth, such as:

  • full dentures
  • partial dentures
  • dental crowns
  • bridgework

Teeth implants deliver unsurpassed comfort, ease and longevity to replace missing teeth. If you have an internally damaged tooth, root canal therapy offers a comfortable, conservative option to save your tooth from extraction.

Call Grout Family Dentistry today at 303-730-1222 to schedule your restorative dentistry consultation, get answers to your questions or should you need denture repair. For your convenience, you can arrange your one-on-one appointment using our online Request an Appointment form. Our restorative dentistry patients come to us from Douglas County, Arapahoe County, Denver County and surrounding locations, including Denver, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Littleton and Columbine, CO.

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Patient Reviews

The staff at Grout Family Dentistry is always so friendly and knowledgeable. Dr.Ron is always so thorough with his exam and is really good about explaining the status and health of my teeth. He always greets his patients with a warm smile and a funny joke. I would highly recommend Grout Family Dentistry to those looking for a new, quality and reliable dentist.

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