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Dental Implant Restorations – A Natural Replacement for Missing Teeth

Here’s a startling statistic: If you don’t replace a missing tooth, you run the risk of losing 20% of your adjacent teeth over the next four to eight years. Missing teeth add chewing and biting stress to the surrounding teeth. A complete smile is crucial for an attractive appearance and the ability to eat a normal, healthy diet. A complete smile also facilitates optimal oral and overall health.

At Grout Family Dentistry, we offer dental implant restorations to replace one tooth, a few teeth or an entire mouthful of teeth. Dental implants provide an amazingly natural and long-lasting alternative to traditional replacement teeth. In fact, teeth implants are the closest thing to natural teeth ever created, and they have the potential to last a lifetime with proper care.

Eat what you want & chew normally

Implant restorations are custom dental crowns secured by titanium or porcelain implants to match the appearance and function of natural teeth. Dental implants may be used to anchor a bridge or full denture, too. With teeth implants, you can eat what you want, throw away the dentures, enjoy normal chewing function and experience a whole new lease on life!

Drs. Ronald and Jeffrey Grout take an interdisciplinary approach to smile restoration with dental implants. They partner with leading specialists to ensure proper implant placement. Drs. Ron and Jeff design and attach custom porcelain replacement teeth to help patients enjoy strong, natural-looking, worry-free smiles. By working as a team, we provide uncompromising care for an amazing experience and a lasting smile.

Call Grout Family Dentistry today at 303-730-1222 to schedule your implant dentistry consultation. For your convenience, you can arrange your one-on-one appointment using our online Request an Appointment form. Our dental implant patients come to us from Denver County, Douglas County, Arapahoe County and neighboring areas, including Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Columbine, Denver and Centennial, CO.

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The staff at Grout Family Dentistry is always so friendly and knowledgeable. Dr.Ron is always so thorough with his exam and is really good about explaining the status and health of my teeth. He always greets his patients with a warm smile and a funny joke. I would highly recommend Grout Family Dentistry to those looking for a new, quality and reliable dentist.

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